Who I am

I always had a strong desire to research and learn a topic no one else has ever deepened and no teacher has ever been able to explain:

THE TUNING and the characteristics of an instrument which lead to a peculiar sonic texture.

I’ve spent the last 23 years working in a big music store, having access to a huge variety of products from all the big brands on the market, testing them all at the same time directly on the road, since the shop is also a Backline Rent & Cartage.

All of this wouldn’t mean anything if it wasn’t based on a strong passion, which has led me to buy a lot of equipment over the years, selecting only the best sounding drums best sounding drums. My inventory has a wide choice of drums and cymbals, so I can put together a set based on the client’s sound request. My job is to help the drummer or the producer during the complex (and intimate, if you want,) sound choice for a studio session.