10° anniversary limited edition snare drums

Celebrate Yourdrumsound's 10th anniversary
with these incredible snare drums!

If you’re looking for something unique and different from commercial products, this 10th Anniversary from Your Drum Sound brings you 4 limited edition drums with 4 completely different sounds.

4 Snare Drums Designed by Dave - 4 Unique Instruments

After over 25 years of experimentation, trying countless type of material and construction, for the 10th anniversary I decided to use 4 of my favorite materials and construction methods, ranging from the softest and warmest sounds to much more aggressive tones.
For this project, I decided to exclusively rely on Italian Artisans, different hands crafted each snare drum and each artisan contributed through his own touch to the various stages of production.
For the occasion, I designed a commemorative badge (also rigorously “Made in Italy”), while a paper tag inside reports the characteristics and the names of the artisans who worked on it.

There will only be 4 available 10th Anniversary snare drums.

The sound is made up of many elements, and every small detail contributes to the sound, which is why I meticulously designed each drum starting from the shell, its dimensions, designing the edges and the appropriate snare bed, up to the choice of hardware and snare wires.

14x5.5 3 Ply + Re-Rings

This Drum has dedinitely a vintage flavor, it follows the steps of one of the most famous snare drums in history. I chose every component for this drum in order to obtain a dark, soft, and delicate sound both from the snare wires and rimshots.
The shell is made with 3 ply Mahogany/Poplar/Mahogany with Maple reinforcement hoops, 8 “tube” style lugs and 1.6mm hoops.
Whether it’s a ballad or funk, this snare drum is truly a joy to play and is perfect for acoustic settings or any situation where a soft, delicate sound is required.
The snare drum will be tuned according to the drummer’s preferences.


14x6.5 Jarrah Block

This is definitely a unique piece. Constructed with 10mm thick slats of Jarrah, a very dense Australian wood known for its unique sonic properties. It has a strong sound, a prominent low fundamental, a present attack, and few harmonics. The snare drum will be tuned according to the drummer’s preferences.


14x6.5 20 ply Vented

This drum was designed to have the best of both worlds: a lot of attack and projection combined with a solid tone. “Vented” snare drums have one or more holes on the shell that can vary from 1″ to 3″.
For this snare I chose the configuration with 4 x 1″ holes, with this configuration a good amount of low frequencies are projected by the holes along with a lot of snap from the snare wires.
This is a drum designed to be tuned fairly high given the 20-ply shell, the die-cast hoops add further strongness to the sound focusing the harmonics. The specifications of this drum are inspired by a pioneering brand known for these sounds.
The snare drum will be tuned according to the drummer’s preferences.


14x6.5 Bell Brass

A snare drum arsenal is not complete without a Bell Brass. The shell is made of 3mm-thick C519 Cast Phosphor Bronze, dimensions and measurements have been taken from the old Tama Bell Brass shells, diecast hoops top and bottom. Every time I use a Bell Brass snare drum, whether it’s for a live performance or a studio session, the sound that comes out of it is a constant confirmation of why they are so beloved. When played moderately it provides a well-centered sound and excellent volume, you don’t need to hit hard if you need to cut through, while overtones are present but not overly pronounced. Given its construction, this drum has a strong presence in the low frequencies and you can obtain different sounds depending on where you hit it, a characteristic that I have rarely found in Bell Brass drums currently on the market. The snare drum will be tuned according to the drummer’s requests.


Choose the drum that best suits your needs and get ready to play like never before with Yourdrumsound's 10th-anniversary snare drums.