Tuning 2.0


95% of drummers have no idea about how they tune their drums. For many of them it’s a random process with uncertain results and time-consuming.
Basically trial and error until they reach a decent sound. Each drum has its own character so it should be treated accordingly. If you ask any drummer for tuning advice they will not be able to give you real reference points that you can use to start working on your sound, and most of the time those “tips” are based on their personal tastes, preferences and musical genre.

This method was developed after twenty years of working in the musical environment in various types of stages and contexts (click here to see the artist I worked with). This is a universal method that can be customized to YOUR needs and the way YOU play, which is unique, no one is like you!
Consiste nell’utilizzare note (frequenze) ed intervalli applicandoli all’accordatura della batteria, quindi otterrai immediatamente quella musicalità che si cerca istintivamente fra i vari componenti del set. Accorderai con cognizione di causa, sapendo cosa stai facendo ed in quale direzione ti stai dirigendo.

Quick, easy, without trying.

  • NO standardized informations born from a personal taste
  • NO obsolete method without any reference point
  • STOP to days where you go crazy trying to make
    that 12” or 14” tom sound somewhat decent

Just like you, I’ve literally driven myself crazy trying to achieve the sound I had on my mind, I found myself helpless during sound-checks not knowing how to manage the instrument according to the sound engineer’s requests. I did a thousand tests, trials, I’ve made lots of mistakes and I put so much time and efforts into my work to find the ultimate method I’m going to teach you in this course.

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With this course you’ll be able to:
find your Sound on every Drum Kit and manage in the best way possible all the contingents that could arise in a live or a studio environment.

“Inspiring someone means helping them focus their vision, not yours”

I know you might be worried about never having implemented notes and frequencies in your instrument’s tuning, but I’m here for you! I, as a drummer and a drum-tech will accompany you throughout the whole learning process.

If you’ll apply what I’ll teach you in this course, the sound engineer will become your friend because you’ll show up on the stage or in the studio with an instrument that has a good tone, and you’ll be able to manage the excess resonance in the best possible way (if there is any).

Our instrument’s sound is often thought as linear, but you’ll find out you can tune it different ways based on the situation you’re in, finding the best sound for every occasion. Is the kit mic’d up? Is the band using in-ear monitors? Are you playing on a huge stage or in a small venue?

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